Je t’aime sexy Fashion fundraises Virtual Ability group with 20,000 l$

After the really superb fundraising campaign organized by some fashion manufacturers in Second Life, during which many millions of Linden dollars have been raised, Mascha Boa, owner of Je t’aime fashion, thought about possibilities of further and even more effective ways of fundraising.

We have already reported that Mascha has prepared so-called sales vendors for helping disabled people. Last sunday, after a presentation of the donation, the vendors were handed over.

Visitors soon noticed that Mascha had been really concerned about the problems of the disabled. Main topic was the question how to provide them uncomplicated help for managing their Second Life in a successful way.

First ideas of a basic donation of 500 Lindens had been refused as too low after a thorough discussion. Soon it came clear that a newbie is only accepted in the society of SL residents by the use of appropriate clothing and shape / skin.

Everybody may understand that disabled people who are obliged to control their PC and navigate by language software, have much more difficulties to earn money in SL, or even to manufacture something themselves. By that reason the Je-t’aime-company searched for a kind of comprehensive all-round package. As the company is selling not only clothing but also skins and shapes, the basic donation was doubled without further ado. Thus, each new group member has 1000 Linden dollars available.

During the meeting, 20 vendors, each amounting 1000 Linden dollars were handed over to the group vice president Mrs.Erne Capalini, so that the donation sums up to 20.000 Linden dollars totally. Mascha Boa revealed immediately after, she understands her donation not as a singular event, but the group can be sure of always being in a position to equip their members in an appropriate way, also in the future, in order to ease their first steps into Second Life.

The vice president of the Virtual Ability group was really pleased about this valuable donation for her friends. If ever possible I guarantee she would have had some tears of joy in her eyes.

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