One World – One Hope – Jetaime offers a Marketplace for Relay for Life – free use for everybody

One World One Hope – Je’taime offers you a marketplace dedicated to “Relay For Life.” Everybody and every team can use this with just a small Market-License fee of 100L which is also donated to the American Cancer Society.


Our goal is to create a collection of designers from all over the grid who will offer their latest designs as well as
items that have been available for some time, including discounted older clothes. We’d like the marketplace to offer something for everyone … fashions for both men and women and in every style imaginable.

Anybody can offer products, but only RFL donated vendors must be used to do so – this is to ensure that 100% of every sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

If you are interested in being involved in this great way to both market your Company and help a worthy charity, please contact a member of our committee.


Please follow the rules of RFL and remember this is a PG 13 event.
If you are not already a member of a team, we invite you to join ours.
After buying a licence (note: Jetaime Team members are free of charge) contact a person from the committee to become a group member with Rezz-Rights.
Rezz your RFL donated Vendor(s), resize and place it.
Every team is welcome to join, it will help us to increase our team result (Team number 81)


This event will run for quite a while and you can change your vendors anytime.

The team Je t’aime for “Relay For Life” will hold events to promote the marketplace.
Some of the ideas currently being considered are a treasure hunt filled with prizes from the designers in the team, live music concerts, live DJs performing at a party, a fashion show and much, much more.
Everybody who wants to help with events is welcome. Live DJs, musicans and any other entertainment(s) please contact us.

..we look forward to hearing from you!
Go Relay!

Members of the committee:

Saiasunshine Fackler
LordRaizer Cervantes
Aurum Klees
Kelly Parker
Marscha Lowey
Mascha Boa
Nightfly Gothly

..and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

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Mascha Boa

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