Sexy Shamrock Green Leather and Latex for St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is St. Pats…the day for green beer, leprachauns and sizzling hot green fashion. **giggles**

Green and rich as the Emerald Isle itself and just as dangerous, the wicked leather flexie mini skirt, hotpants and knotted top of Shamrock green Sassy are perfect for St Patrick Day parties and beyond.

Created with love by the amazing designer Mascha Boa, Sassy hugs your waist and brushes butter-soft leather over your thighs, cups your breasts and clings with evil intent to your butt. Wear with or without the flirty skirt to match you mood or the tone of the party. Nothing is quite so luxurious as Jetaime leather. Indulge yourself or your lover with the pleasure of skin on skin.

You’ve been good long enough. Get Sassy and release your inner brat.


Volcano is our sizzling hot latex lingerie.

This highly detailed, top quality latex outfit includes hug-me latex stockings, a wicked lace up latex bra, string-thong panties, and tight, spank-me-if-you-dare gloves.

Send a message…too hot to handle…in Volcano lingerie, one of the sexy new releases from Je táime.


Samantha is our new party girl, high hell boot. Sexy, saucy, cute and naughty, these over-the-knee sculpted leather boots are perfect for wicked fun. In a rainbow of rich colors that match the Sassy and Volcano range, Samantha boots are definitely the fashion must-have for this season.


Or maybe you’re after our pot of gold.


Like the glitter of treasure in hard baked earth, the rush of excitement at sudden wealth and promise, in Je taime’s Gold Rush range you’ll leave observers gasping in your wake. Rich, golden leather and latex. Wow! This IS a find!

Glow inside and out. Gold Rush….because you’re precious.

Only from Je táime

Gold rush is available in the Sassy, Volcano and Samantha Boot packs, or save by buying our party fatpacks. These contain all three different product ranges… Sassy, Volcano lingerie, and Samanta boots… in the color of your choice. Together they form a wonderful 14 piece collection of mix-and-match latex and leather for you to combine at your pleasure.


We also offer our previous yummy green releases like Thief!, Leather Universe, and Nadine bikini …something for everyone and every kind of party, all in the high quality of Je táime designer wear.

So this St Patrick’s Day just follow the rainbow of leather and latex we have on sale at Je táime, and blessed be.

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Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

yours with strawberry gloss kisses


Continuing Our New Universe in Fashion!!!

As promised, Je t’aime’s new Leather Universe is a range of soft, low-waisted leather pants and crop tops in colors right out of this world. Our expert designer, Marscha Lowey, accentuates your every curve, enfolds you in the rich luxury of teasing, sinful leather. This week we color your world by sharing Je t’aime’s latest exciting new products. Welcome to our Leather Universe.

Earthly Beauty

Leather Universe: Earthly Beauty


Ever wanted to be a sexy forest nymph? Earthly Beauty are green leather pants that hug your hips and thighs as closely as your own skin. Teamed with a teeny top that cups your breasts like a lover’s caress, this ensemble is as fresh and beautiful as new-leafed Spring. Feel  wanton, look dangerously enticing …with your Earthly Beauty.


Or maybe you’re a Heavenly girl. Heaven is no longer just for angels. In these stunning blue leather pants you’ll be on cloud nine. Teamed with the teeny matching top, you won’t be given time to play a harp anyway. You’ll be too busy playing the wanton.

Be dangerously enticing, feel devilishly sexy… because Je t’aime makes fashion Heavenly.

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