Sexy Pink!

For every Girly Girl worth her curls, pink is the new black. Giggles. Yes I know traditional Christmas colors are red, green and white, but then Je t’aime is hardly constrained by tradition. We seek to bring out the sexy heart of every woman as she slips into our quality leather, lace and fantasy.

So here for all the Move-Over-Barbie girls, is a small selection of Je t’aime pinks. Enjoy!


When did you last see leather textures so inviting to touch?

The goddess of love didn’t have these soft, low-waisted pink leather pants, so now is your chance to show her up. Pants that hug your hips and thighs. A teeny matching top that cups your breasts like a lover’s caress. Redefine beauty for the modern woman.

Our expert designer, Mascha Boa, knows how to accentuate every feminine curve, how to enfold you in the rich luxury of teasing, sinful leather.

Be sensually enticing, feel devilishly sexy .

Leather Universe: Venus

Cute, sexy, fun!

Cute, sexy, fun!

Girly Girl is a sexy confection in skimpy pink leather… feminine and infinitely cute without little-girl frills. In these almost there shorts,  ultra chic, zip-fronted top and over-the-knee, take-me, zippered boots, this Girly Girl is all grown up and ready to play.

Trouble is, in Je t’aime’s Girly Girl you may still be ordered into bed early…wink.


Have him so breathless he's seeing spots! **giggles**

Have him so breathless he's seeing spots! **giggles**


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