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Je t√°ime has become a recognised name for quality fashion and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. We have at our main store, headquarters and franchising department in Babiarz, our newly revamped extended and improved cuddle beach and the Je t√°ime open-air Fashion Boulevard – a collection of many fine designers in one convenient location. We have a larger shoe department, giftshop and bridal boutique under construction, not to mention an amazing surprise you’ll just have to wait to hear about. **smiles* I promise it is well worth the wait.

But that success and growth means we now seek extra staff to maintain the high levels of support and assistance we provide to our customers. We currently seek…

store greeters
an experienced and talented photographer

one highly-motivated, energetic and creative marketer/manager to run our wonderful fashion boulevard and keep our quality renters happy. The successful applicant must be able to oversee seasonal decorative changes, handle small problems independently, interact with renters and shoppers in a professional manner, manage promotional events and function as part of the Je t√°ime team as needed. A good understanding and use of english is essential.

Please apply in a notecard to Mascha Boa stating your qualifications, interests, time zone and any experience.

This is a go-ahead company that required dedicated staff, but its also the opportunity of a lifetime for the right applicant.

More sexy Bikinis, Lingerie, Sexy Fashion and hot Clothes at Je t’aime Mainstore

The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more


Partners, Vendors, Market Benders…

Have you ever thought about franchising Je t’aime? I know, franchise is a big scary word but really all it means is that someone else makes the product (ie us)¬†We deal with¬†the challenges of creation and production, then you put¬†the vendor of our high quality products¬†on your land and promote it.

We make¬†that promotion¬†easier with a free toolbox of signs/posestands etc… and you¬†earn a whopping¬†40% commission on all sales from your vendor. The venders are adjustable in size and hover text to¬†suit your shop space and design, and you can use as many or few of our products as you wish since they come in both¬†product groups…ie

*bikinis and tangas

*leather and latex

*Inferno (our super hot lingerie)

*Seduction (feminine lace gowns)

and *Shoes

And in single product vendors. Imagine our wet shirt vendor and bikini/tanga vendor at a beach resort for instance, or leather and latex at the doors of your bad-ass nightclub.

In time for Christmas we have Christmas gift voucher vendors…perfect for that last minute (OMG I forget to get him/her a gift) moments, as well as those (he/she would really like that) buys.¬†Let your patrons enjoy the convenience and easy access¬†of these great vendors.

We also offer¬†personal vendors you can store¬†in your inventory to bring out at home or when you gather with friends. Sit, chat, and order gorgeous fashion with no lag in the comfort of your own home or….wherever…sounds like a great party idea,huh. With those vendors you get a 10% commission. And it’s that easy.

But¬†Je t’aime is now making franchising even easier with a¬†franchise department on the second floor of our headquarters. There are two main sections to our franchising department…single vendors and product group vendors, and a third room being set up just for info to get you started.¬†Don’t forget the¬†free toolbox to help too. Why not give it a try? What do you have to lose?

Any other questions about starting a franchise on YOUR land and making sweet linden? Contact Veronique Streeter or Marscha Lowey for more details.

More sexy Bikinis, Lingerie, Sexy Fashion and hot Clothes at Je t’aime Mainstore

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The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more