Giant Snail Trails

Je táime is proud to be involved with the 2009 Giant Snail Races, part of the fundraising events in Relay for Second Life. All funds raised go to the American Cancer Society for their cancer research and international programs.


There was bedlam on the streets this morning as the first Giant Snail Race slimed its way through 45 sims of chaos. Phew! If you’ve never driven a giant snail let me tell you its not as easy as I thought…hats off to the expert molluscs. Sliding through the back of the snail in front was disconcerting to say the least. Made me wonder if I was commiting some form of invertebrate sexual assault. Sad to say I didn’t win the race, but as many said afterwards, we’re all winners since we raised much needed funds to battle cancer.

You can see part of the race on utube.

Have to love that drowned snail with just his eyes above water. 🙂 Having been thrown off the bridge myself by the lag monsters, I can sympathise with the soused snails plight.

Think this looks like fun? Well it was! If you regret missing today’s event, make sure you get to the next big snail race on 16th of May, then next is 20th June.

The Giant Snail Avatar is free and customizable. Get yours early so you can pimp it.
For further help please contact RacerX Gullwing or Waelya Tenk.

And if you haven’t yet been to the 2009 Fashion Fair get on down. Too much fun! Don’t miss out!
See you there!