OMG – these sexy dancers are so cute

The countdown is on! In less than 24 hours will be the Grand opening party of our brand new SIM, Jetaime Sexy Fashion.
Today the Phoenix Embers Showcats had their Dress rehearsal in our ballroom, and I tell you, these 7 girls led by Laurina Hawks are pure entertaintment and and amazing show. Purrr.

Tomorow we will see three shows: Flamenco – Gothic – and Matrix – all in fashion and costumes from Je t’aime – smiles.

And psst, today I worked again on the new releases. I assure you, such golden Latex and copper leather you have never seen before. And the new collection in bloodred … I am sure – certain – YOU will love it !!!

Three names that spell hot leather and latex fashion: Samantha, Sassy and Volcano – and all made to feel sexy !
You”ll see more tomorow 11 AM at our party.

Phoenix Embers Showcats made their Dress rehearsal

Phoenix Embers Showcats made their Dress rehearsal

See you soon

Mascha Boa