New easy to use vendor technique at Je t’aime with buy as a gift function

Hi Girls, and dear gents,

we at Je t’aime have developed a own, new webbased Server Vendor System for sevaral reasons:

1. Better and very quickly costumer support – No more transactions-codes needed
2. Automaticaly update delivery possible
3. Buy as a gift is now integrated in every new vendor
4. Integrated give demo function (if demo available)
5. Integrated give link to video function (if video available)
4. Integrated franchiser partner program function
5. Integrated 10% discount for vendor owner
6. Backup delivery server for more security
7. Multilingual vendors can speak up to 9 languages with costumers – in the moment we use 2 – German and English
8. Animated product boxes for more shopping fun
9. Automatically texture changing for vendors possible if need – may be for a new season, or special holidays, special prices
10. Automatically price changes for vendors possible
11. Vendors do reset themselves every 24 hours
12. Delivery server do self requests every 5 minutes to ensure delivery of outstanding jobs – may be after a sim Newstart
13. Directly delivery possible from a webpage
14. Prepared for delivery in other grids
15. Integrated marketing and analysies tool

and much more

Example vendor: Leather Pants and top Ebony Dreams - black

Example vendor: Leather Pants and top Ebony Dreams - black

The vendors self do communicate with the costumer, and hold him or she informed what is happening, plase take a look at the video for more details:

In a future time we will offer this system to use for other designers and or manufacturers too. Please contact Mascha Boa in world if you are interested. If you want try out a vendor, pls feel free and get your free vendor here:

Franchise Vendors or free test vendors available here !!!

Yes, we can deliver directly from our homepage ;)))))))
Thank you very much for your interesting – I wish you all a happy start in the new year – and – smiles – have fun ;)))

More Infos at

Je t’aime in Secondlife:

Jetaime Sexy Fashion Outlet Store

Jetaime Sexy Fashion and Hot Clothes – Mainstore

Mascha Boa

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

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