The 100,000 Lindendollar Profile Pick Contest

The 100000 L$ Profile Pick Contest

The 100000 L$ Profile Pick Contest

The 100000 L$ Profile Pick Contest

Every 3 hours per day Je t’aime will give a prize to a randomly selected person who:

1. Has one of the Je t’aime stores correctly listed in their Profile under the Picks tab in its entirety.
2. Has clicked on of the Contest boards in our stores to be entered and eligible to be selected as a winner.

If you are randomly selected as a winner, your profile will be reviewed to make sure you meet the requirements to win.
If you satisfy those requirements, you’ll receive a congratulatory instant message from Mascha Boa, and she will send you your prize.
Winners stay in the Contest selection pool, they must NOT enter again by clicking on the board to be eligible for the next drawing.

If you do not meet the requirements, you will receive an instant message from Mascha Boa explaining what you need to do to be eligible to win.

How to add Je t’aime to your Profile Picks:

1. Make sure you are standing in the Je t’aime parcel
2. Right click your avatar and click Profile
3. Click on the “Picks” tab on the top
4. Click the New button
5. Click OK on the bottom of the profile to close it
6. Ensure you enabled showing profile in search


The contest boards are located near the landing points. If you click at the bottom of the sign you will get a copy of these instructions.

No purchase is necessary to be eligible. Winners may win multiple.
Je t’aime will honor the chosen winners and will send them the prize immediately (or in case of SL problems, as soon as possible). If Second Life is down for maintenance or if problems, such as transaction borks, persist throughout the day, there may be no winner selected until Second Life returns to “normal”.

The Prizes

Every 3 hours: a 200 L$ Gift Vendor
Daily winner: a 1000 LS Gift Vendor
Winner of the week: a 2000 L$ Gift Vendor
Winner of the month: a 50000 L$ Gift Vendor

Can increase the chance to win?

Yes you can increase your chances to win by setting an additional PICK from any other Je t’aime Land in your profile:

1. Choose another location from the list below and go there
2. Set another Pick
3. Touch the board at this place

Every different Pick is one more chance to be the next winner and to become the monthly winner.

More Infos at

Je t’aime in Secondlife:

Jetaime Sexy Fashion Outlet Store

Jetaime Sexy Fashion and Hot Clothes – Mainstore

Mascha Boa

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

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