The team of Je t’aime want to thank you very much!

Many thanks to the organisers of the 2009 Clothing Fair. Such a huge undertaking never comes off so smoothly without a lot of work. To the contributors and shoppers, again thank you for proving once again what is possible with an outpouring of generosity and heart. To the sufferers, survivors, and families of those battling cancer, our prayers, and hopes that money raised will find the cure we all hope for.

This year our Team Je t’aime for Relay for Life was proud to raise $L50 743 for the cause. Thank you to all who helped. Mascha Boa and Marscha Lowey each donated $L12 500, as they’d promised to do when the team reached the $L50 000 goal.

All together the fair raised millions of $L, 4.5 Million from the Relay Raiders(the organisers) alone. Today “Relay for Life of Second Life” reached 11 Million $L- thats more than 40.000 US dollars! What an amazing feat! I applaud you all loudly.

But…….we’re not done yet! The relay continues until the middle of July.

Je t’aime are preparing a Marketplace for Relay for Life. Don’t delete your rfl donated vendors because you’ll need them to take part. Every team will be welcome, the site at our wonderful Je táime Sexy Fashion sim thrown open free of charge to further help this worthy cause. More info coming soon.

Now….where did I leave all my full shopping bags and empty wallet? **smiles**


More Infos at

Je t’aime in Secondlife:

Jetaime Sexy Fashion Outlet Store

Jetaime Sexy Fashion and Hot Clothes – Mainstore

Mascha Boa

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

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