4 New Sexy Leather and Latex Releases & 2 Dollarbies for Relay for Life

Je t’aime has created 6 Sexy special edition releases for RFL – 2 of them are Dollarbies – You will love them, I’m sure.

Meet us at the clothing fair 2009 – 😉


But at first some important words:

Here at Je t’aime we are a family and in every family cancer has touched someone. During this time of year the Relay For Second Life drive is huge gridwide. Please take some time out of your day to drop a few $L in a RFL donation box, offer something to be auctioned, attend a RFL event or donate your talents or services to a RFL team. Behind every avie is a person. Some people in SL are RL Cancer survivors. Share the love that makes this and every world go around and Thank you for your support of RFL.

How you can help:

Je táime has set a kiosk and vendors in every store as well as at the fair. Not only does I myself donate all preceeds from the sale of these products to help raise funds for the Cancer society, but me and my brother have offered to add 25.000 more if our team reach the 50.000 L in donations. (and we will reach!!! Team total as i write this post: 26815 L$ – thank you very much everybody who helped us)

Every single Lindendollar counts:

Please read this: Our team is proud that we have now raised over 26815 Lindendollars – that’s more than 100 US Dollars!!!

Jetaime is only one team of more than 100 teams in the Relay for life – and all teams together raised more than 6.600.000 Lindendollar – YES! you read right – 6 Million!!!!

Thats about 25.000 US Dollar – and this is only the start!!!!

For more Info please visit the homepage from Relay for life of Second life

Please come to the clothing fair and help the team riders raise the next million. Let’s help woop cancer’s ass!!!

Megahugs from me for all the outpouring from your good hearts – smiles

new releases from jetaime at the clothing fair

new releases from jetaime at the clothing fair

Meet the best fashion designers of the grid

The 2009 Fashion Fair is such an AWESOME event! Live music, treasure hunts, fashion shows, secret auction, freebies and now Neva (one of the organisers) has offered to wear silks for a month if we raise a million linden a day. So far we’ve been doing it, anxious to see his hairy legs exposed. Help keep a good thing going and support this worthy cause. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society for their research and international projects.

Clothing Fair 1 – The Black Sea

Clothing Fair 2 – The Caspian Sea

Clothing Fair 3 – The Persian Golf

Clothing Fair 4 – The Red Sea

Clothing Fair 5 – Gift of Life

Clothing Fair 6 – The Arabian Sea

Clothing Fair 7 – The Aegean Sea

Clothing Fair 8 – The Relay Raiders

Fashion Shows:

The Timeless Agency presents the fashion shows featuring the designs with all proceeds going to RFL. Please join them at one of the times listed for a look at some of the seasons hottest fashions.

20th March ~ Friday ——— 02am SLT (Asia, Australia)
22nd March ~ Sunday——– 06 pm SLT (US West Coast)

ALL Entertainment, Silent Auction and Fashion Shows

Action at the clothing fair 2009

Action at the clothing fair 2009

Take part at the PHOTO-Contest:

Its time for the first annual Clothing Fair RFL Photo contest!

Category name: RFL exclusive style (both categories: Male and Female)

Goal: Mix and Match the exclusive items available from the RFL-kiosks during RFL Clothing Fair to create a composite style.
Each Item must be purchased from the fair.
The look must include items from at least 3 different designers.
The person must add on the description of the photo the reference of store name and item name for each RFL-item that comprise the final look, so other people can buy them if they wish have the same look.
Mix and Match

Prizes will be given to the Best Male and Best Female COMPOSITE. This event is sponsored by the designers of the fair and photoLife. Each winner will recieve a brand new photoLife Studio plus a wonderful gift bag from the designers.

more info at http://slrflclothingfair.blogspot.com/
Together we CAN make a difference and help take this nasty disease down to the mat.

Mascha Boa


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