Get Neva in silks and grab yourself a bargain!

The 2009 Fashion Fair is such an AWESOME event! Have you been yet?

Live music, treasure hunts, fashion shows, secret auction, freebies and now Neva (one of the organisers) has offered to wear silks for a month if we raise a million linden a day. So far we’ve been doing it, anxious to see his hairy legs exposed. **giggles**

Every linden donated goes to the American Cancer Society for research and their international projects.

To help, Je táime has set a kiosk offering 2 of our most popular product packs in every store as well as at the fair. Not only does Mascha donate all preceeds from the sale of these two products to the Cancer society, but she and her brother have offered to add a further 25,000 if we reach the 50,000 L in donations.

AND ….the fat pack of new release blood red Sassy Inferno and Samantha, and the yummy black leather pants for men are at a HUGELY REDUCED PRICE so you are getting them at a steal!!! What are you waiting for? Look at these!



Help keep a good thing going and support this worthy cause. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society for their research and international projects.

And don’t forget the snail race this coming Saturday. Have you pimped YOUR snail yet? **smiles**

yours with chocolate pieces of eight….Nightfly


More Infos at

Je t’aime in Secondlife:

Jetaime Sexy Fashion Outlet Store

Jetaime Sexy Fashion and Hot Clothes – Mainstore

Mascha Boa

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy

Banner Jetaime Fashion - Made to feel sexy


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