High Profile


Do you have Je táime in your profile pics? ! ! ! !1500 L$ Lindens L$ are given away every Week $ $ $ ! ! ! !

$ $ $ 900 Lindens every Sunday $ $ $ $ $ $ 100 Lindens every other day $ $ $

And the winnning doesn’t stop there. This is Je táime. Money not claimed goes into a jackpot. To win the jackpot you must have Je taime in 2 or more of your profile pic spots when you win a prize. Then you get, not just your prize, but the jackpot as well. And just like that you can become rich like Redice, our last lucky jackpot winner. 🙂

Today I handed over 1000L$ to Redice Cioc, a quiet, unassuming student. She was very excited to have won and had this to say…

“thanks Je táime for giving a chance to win this much money. It is my first time winning a contest. nv expected it”
She doesn’t know what she’ll spend it on, but last I saw her she was browsing our lace gowns.

Our current jackpot is already 500L again!!!!

The next winner could be YOU!!!! Get Je táime in your profile, touch the instore contest board, and keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Its worth it!

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yours with strawberry gloss kisses


The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more

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