Hot and Sexy: It doesn’t take 2 to Tanga!

But in these hawt little bathers from Je taime I doubt you’ll have trouble finding company. **smiles**

a purrrrfect gift

a purrrrfect gift

Its natural for me to think bikinis and tangas for Christmas. For one thing, tangas and bikinis make the perfect present…hot and sexy yet not quite as provocative as lingerie….perfect for a new girlfriend or sis or sexy Mom.

And here in the Southern hemisphere Christmas is palm trees, sunburn, sand in your cold turkey salad and throwing a shrimp on the Barbie. (that’s a barbeque for those not up with Oz slang) The only ice we see is in our drinks as we sweat over our bonbons and the candles melt before they’re even lit. Heehee

So why not on SL too? At Je t’aime mainstore we have our tropical cuddle beach right next door to our snowy Christmas market and ice rink. You’ll even find Santa in shorts there and, I gotta admit, I snuck in a festive koala. Just see if you can find him. (First to do so and IM me with the answer will get a little prize.)



Yes climate control is one of the beauties of SL. We have all places, all seasons, all year round here. Woot!

And no matter what season or place, Je t’aime bikinis and tangas are hot, HOT, HAWWWWT!!!!

one of my personal favorites

one of my personal favorites

There is a huge range to choose from, many more than I can show here. Why not go instore and see them for yourself. You know you want to. **smiles**

More sexy Bikinis, Lingerie, Sexy Fashion and hot Clothes at Je t’aime Mainstore

Yours with Strawberry Gloss Kisses

More than Fashion

Je t'aime: More than Fashion

Nightfly Gothly ^^

The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more


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