$2,100 linden for one lucky Je t’aime member

It’s a BIG day!

Every day we give away 100 $ linden to some lucky Je t’aime member with us in their profile pics. Sunday we give away 3 prizes; one of 100$L, one of 300$L, and one of 500$L. (Yes, Mascha is crazy and generous. What can I say? She loves you.)

BUT sometimes our winners don’t claim their prize, or maybe they don’t have us in their profile pics. Then the money jackpots. Lately that jackpot has been slowly growing and reached a whopping $1600 L!!!

I’m delighted to announce that jackpot was won today by

***** Quad Quinnell *****


The winner of our jackpot is randomly selected and MUST have at least two of our locations in his or her picks. Quad won our 500$L prize and when we checked she had 3 Je t’aime stores in her pics. Way to go, girl!

Do YOU have Je t’aime store locations in your pics? Get those pics in there, people. $2,100 L is  a lot of potatoes and its not hard.


1. Go to the mainstore:

2. Open your profile (right click on your avatar name and choose “Profile…”)

3. Ensure that the option Show in search is activated !

4. Choose “Picks” in the registers

5. Click the button “New…” and confirm “ok”.

That’s all 😀

Thank you very much to all who put our store in your profile picks – you really help us – smiles !!!
And next time the lucky winner could be you!


Don’t delay getting your photos to me for our Model Je t’aime and Win contest either. Tomorrow I draw the next weekly prize…a $200 L voucher. Remember you MUST be wearing Je t’aime in the photo. It’s going to be a hard choice. There are several VERY hot entries I am struggling to decide between. I think it will be names in a bowl and the young son draw one out….lol


(btw if you haven’t yet seen our sexy newly released Ba Ba Boo! Treads for men, do yourself a favor and check them out. HAWT! These boots aren’t walking out the the shop, they’re stampedeing. hehehehe)

Happy Shopping!


More sexy Bikinis, Lingerie, Sexy Fashion and hot Clothes at Je t’aime Mainstore

Yours with Strawberry Gloss Kisses

Nightfly Gothly ^^

The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more


Win, Win, Win with Je t’aime!

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