Problem Solved!!!

December 6th ..mark that date on your calandar!!!

Christmas is all about sharing with your loved ones and we’ll help you to do just that.  Je t’aime is putting the sparkle back in the season and making browsing for gifts an absolute delight with our all round one-stop-shop just for you. On the 6th of December we open our brand new Christmas Marketplace. Ice skate, ride the train, sit on Santa’s lap, or just enjoy the beautiful designer wear while you soak up the festive ambiance. Just the thing to revive those jaded spirits. **smiles**

Annnnnnnnnnnnd… Gift giving is even easier this year with beautifully crafted Christmas gift vendors from Je t’aime.

You wander into our store or new market and see gorgeous lingerie or the perfect leather for your love, but who knows what color to buy? No need to fret. With a personal vendor you select the gift (a single item, or a range of items with the same value.) When they open your gift, the reciever chooses the color or style from your selection. It’s that simple.

The vendors are easy to use and come with backup instructions. And the designs are lovely.
Check these out.



And businesses, vendors of these pretty gift vendors are also available should you wish to make gift buying easier for your clients and recieve a cool 40% of your sales. What you see in the pictures above are the personal gift vendors at the top, the gift vendor vendors underneath (smirks) and the pretty box they come in down the bottom. As you can see, our elves have been VERY hard at work making this Christmas special for you.

Yes, Je t’aime IS more than fashion. Enjoy!

More sexy Bikinis, Lingerie, Sexy Fashion and hot Clothes at Je t’aime Mainstore

Yours with Strawberry Gloss Kisses

Nightfly Gothly ^^

The NEW Je taime Mainstore- Leather – Latex – Ladieswear – Lingerie – Beachwear – Menswear – Shoes and much more

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