There’s no I in Team…just lots of other body parts :)

Introducing the staff of Je’taime. Aren’t we a handsome, talented bunch?  …giggles.

shurn_001Shurn: my cat…most important member of the Je t’aime team to hear him tell it, shedder of fur, thinker of deep catty thoughts, owner of all humanoids on premesis (he thinks)

Mascha & Marscha outside Headquarters



Mascha Boa…owner and driving force behind Je t’aime. The store is her vision and she pursues it relentlessly. Designer, creator, business woman, photographer, model, business manager, ideas person…she does it all. See…there really IS a wonderwoman. **smiles** 

Santa pats Vee's back for a job well done

Santa pats Vee

Veronique Streeter is our English rose and a backbone of Je t’aime wearing way too many hats most days but still managing to co ordinate them with her shoes.

“Hi, my name is Veronique but everyone calls me Vee **smiles.  I’ve been working as Manager at Je t’aime for a month but have always been a fan of Mascha’s ohhhh soooo sexy fashion. But wait – Je t’aime is more than fashion!!  I love working for Je t’aime – its the best career move I have every made! I primarily look after the Fashion Boulevard, the Contests we run at Je t’aime, Events we hold, sending out the notices Je t’aime members receive, the new Grotto  and oh so much more **giggles.”

Marscha is one of the co-owners of Je t’aime and …hmmm, so much to say about him. He’s extrememly creative, driven and passionate. He loves to design, is meticulous with details and textures, takes amazing photographs and has an eye for elegant, sexy beauty. He’s a savvy businessman and a whizz at promotion. Plus he has a cute butt….oooh did I say that out loud? **blushes**

duets-blackwhite1Bridget Menczel is our photographic artist extraordinaire and extremely versatile model.

“The Je Taime team is a combination of creativity and expertise all mixed together ! There is team player for each aspect of the project – never leaving one player to fend for themselves they always have many around to support their ability . When you mix talent and ability and passion you turn dreams into reality !   That is why working for Jetaime is so awesome.”

Doreen working at Kelly's desk


 Doreen Ferraris: Secretary, events, shop manager and model. She’s a happy person who loves to dance and has great people skills. Despite speaking little english, this frauline manages to communicate her wishes…with a hammer if necessary. *giggles* 


Kelly and me in a snowball fight

Kelly and me in a snowball fight

Kelly Parker: our American builder of dreams (check the park outside Je t’aime headquarters for evidence)


Wasabi Yalin: Gets straight A’s fo creative use of SLX and OnRez marketing, and as  a translator for most of us who don’t speak german. She sure beats Babblefish… heehee And sadly I don’t have a pic of her cute self, something i’ll need to remedy in a hurry, huh.




Agatha Szpringer recently entered our circle with her creative building and design. She brings an extra splash of Parisian elegance to an
already cosmopolitan company. (You must check out her furniture shop, Transparency, in Babiarz…so unique)


and myself, Nightfly Gothly, from Down Under… word torturer, product namer, author of Je t’aime’s blog, creative consultant, and general dogsbody lol. Which makes you wonder why the boss calls me Skippy???? *smiles*

And that’s us…imaginative, passionate, dedicated…bringing you the sexiest and finest of virtual fashion.


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