Happy 4th – smiles

Sometimes all comes to suddenly – a good costumer ask me two days before, what i am planning for my business and the 4th of July? Please sorry me all, i am german, and i know a Science fiction film named independance day before, not more, smiles

So i took a look in google, and search for white, red and blue and for indepandance day, and have been surprised, how important this day seem to be for US-People – so i decide to start a quickly done action to, and created three items for that.

Meanwhile i have spoken with Rohal Schnyder about that too – Rohal is a good friend, and he is creator of sunglasses, not only any sunglasses!! He create Role Glasses – when ever you look for glasses, look first for Role, i think they are the best, 😉

He created some red white and blue glasses: The” Patriotic” collection by Role Optic. With the unique “Patriotic” button!  What does it mean? They are animated.  Look at the pic.   Click the glasses while you wear them, and choose “patriotic”.  You and all other people nearby ,who are wearing the glasses, will stand up and hold the hand on their heart while listening to the hymn.

He offered me this glasses as a give away – and i quickly designed some hopely usefull things too for the independance day – a bikini, a necktie, high heels and a pair of slippers, as a gift and Thank You for all our great american consumers! Happy 4th.

But see your self the pictures.

Smiles – So i wish you all a happy and peaceful Indepandance day !!!


Yours Mascha Boa

Je t’aime Mainstore Je t’aime at Slexchange

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