Why Butterflies started my fashion business

Dear visitor,

when dreams come true – one year ago i started in second life – as a media designer without a job – The first days was only learning about the control from second life itself – but than people asked me to make some pics in the fotostudio from Vamp Berlin – this was the hour my interesting was awaken for making pictures in Second life – and i begun a career as Photographer in second life – so i quickly begun learning picture publishing – i found a payable Photoshop 6.0, and begun to try to make pictures more beautiful – and begun learning more and more about photoshop and design at all – in this time I nothing knowed about Alfa Channels, or anything about grafic and design – but i become more and more hot – and begun learning, trying, doing – today i have so much books, and not only books about Photoshop – about design, about colors, Makeup, and meanwhile uncounted numbers of magazines – and you can believe me – i dont read them only – i eat them !!! I worked with them – i tried all myself – and so with the time i learned more and more, and i become more and more proud on myself.

Than i begun to create my first clothes – nothing good – and nothing i wanted offer to sell – i dont loved the quality myself – but with the time i learned more an more again, and i created a bikini with butterflies, and used this bikini self when i was dancing in the club. Of course the guest liked them, and one day another dancer asked me to create another bikini too – with flowers – daisys – course that was her first name too.


I created this bikini for her, and find out, that other people like my creations, and begun to create more and more, and the first collection begun to grow…


Bikini Butterfly

Je t’aime Mainstore Je t’aime at Slexchange


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